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Decoding Fiancé Visa Indianapolis

If you are an American Citizen and planning to marry a foreigner, bringing him/her to the US, you need to apply for K-1 fiancé Visa.  Once she/he arrives in the US on Fiancé Visa in Indianapolis
, you have a 90 days window to get married.  She may also apply for her Green Card at the USCIS after getting married, by filing I-485 application. In case if you do not get married in the 90-day period, your fiancé must leave the US as soon as the 90 days window comes to an end.

Engaging the services of the Fiancé Visa Attorney at our office will help with the process. Hiring our high-end legal services is recommended because of several reasons. Firstly, the US State Department and the USCIS faces a lot of fraudulent K-1 Cases and for this very reason, many genuine petitions also get denied. To avoid your petition falling into this dragnet, hiring a Fiancé Visa Attorney can help demonstrating the genuineness of the petition. This increases the chances of visa granted by the US State Department and the USCIS.

Hiring a legal professional when looking for Fiancé Visa in Chicago or Indianapolis area also proves to be useful as it helps in navigating through the complicated process with remarkable ease. The entire process requires a lot of specific documents to be prepared and collected, and forms to be filled.  Our seasoned help and guidance will help with getting Fiancé Visa in Indianapolis or Chicago area by ruling out the chances of any omission or mistakes in the form or following of procedure. This way, the chances of case getting delayed are reduced and the process gets completed in due course of time with favorable results.