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What is removal defense and how to fight deportation

The of Homeland Security (DHS) initiates the process of removal proceedings by filing a Notice to Appear with the Immigration Court. As a result, you will have to appear in front of the Immigration Judge. You will have to respond to charges presented by the DHS. You may do it alone, or you may have an immigration attorney by your side. Immigration lawyer Alex Krasutsky provides Removal Defense in immigration court proceedings, also known as defense from deportation.

About deportation process

The process of deportation might stretch for years. It includes several hearings, complicated filings and strict deadlines. Thus, having an experienced removal defense attorney in your corner strongly improves your chances to not get deported. If you miss a hearing, the Immigration Judge might issue an order of removal. Moreover, once you have an order of removal, it is very difficult to get it reversed. Equally important are deadlines for the Immigration Court filings. Missing a deadline could result in denial of an important defense in your case. Therefore, if the government serves you with the Notice to Appear, treat it seriously! Call us right away!

Can you terminate the removal proceedings?

Did you know that in October of 2023, there were about 2,930,934 open cases in the U.S. Immigration Court system? Because of such case-overload, there are ways to pursue an administrative closure or termination of your case. Those are difficult to achieve without the help from an experienced immigration attorney. Legal representation is a very important factor in determining whether someone will win or lose their case.

How can we make your deportation less stressful? How Can a Lawyer Help?

A deportation defense attorney will provide guidance, prepare and timely file all necessary paperwork. Going through deportation alone is unpleasant and difficult. Our immigration lawyer will appear with you at all hearings during your removal proceedings. Removal Defense attorney Alex Krasutsky has a proven track record, handling very complicated cases during his career. For example, one of his successful cases was featured in The Daily Beast article about immigrants being detained for months.

Therefore, do not delay and contact our experienced immigration lawyer serving Indianapolis and Chicago areas today! Don’t forget that you may text directly to Alex with your questions at (317) 870-1999!